Case Studies

Celebrating the programme’s successes.

Case Studies

During the course of the programme we will be producing case studies which celebrate the successes of the programme.  If you have any examples of good practice in your school, please contact us.


Success stories so far…

Come dine with us

Jo Sherriff, School Food Champion at St Anthony’s Girls Catholic School has been rather busy with a new dining room and a number of activities that helped to increase the school meal uptake figure to reach 20.67% in Half Term 7

Martha’s Kitchen….come dine with us                                         

Mrs Hearn & Mrs Jo Sherriff ran a competition to name their new school dining hall. With over 250 entries, a combination of ideas from Sister Francis (Martha’s Kitchen) and Sekeyna Abidi from Yr 9 (come dine with us) were chosen by Mrs Shepherd the Head Teacher.

Nudo Sushi Box comes to Martha’s Kitchen!                                                                      

All KS3 students used their creativity to design a new school meal for Martha’s Kitchen. The winning entry came from India Mason (Yr9) who created ‘Sushi Fusion’.  Jo contacted Nudo Sushi Box, a new North East company, who went into school to discuss their ideas. They are expecting the first Nudo Sushi to be on sale very soon! Jo said “We hope this healthy and tasty lunchtime option becomes a favourite with the girls!”

Dining Room Prefects

A new opportunity has been created at St Anthony’s Girls Catholic Academy for their 6th Form girls to work as prefects in the Dining Hall.

Forty Year 12 girls have volunteered to be part of this programme which is helping them to gain valuable work experience in a fast moving and demanding environment. In addition, this new role contributes towards the volunteering requirement for the new John Paul II Award, Duke of Edinburgh scheme, School Ambassador Award, whilst also being beneficial for UCAS applications. The girls have proven to be an excellent addition to the running of Martha’s Kitchen and Jo Sherriff School Food Champion hopes to continue to build on this programme. The prefects have had a huge impact on helping to reduce queues at lunchtime.

Japanese inspiration at Holyrood

Eloise Packer at Holyrood Academy has recently held a design a Bento Box (a Japanese style “packed meal” which usually includes rice fish or meat) competition for inclusion on the lunch time menu.  Holyrood has seen increases of over 15% since joining the programme in May 2015 and are one of seventeen schools to achieve an increase of over 5% for three or more half terms.

Students create a range of dishes for school lunch

Sophie Cowell, School Food Champion at Withernsea High School has already helped her school to increase their uptake by 11.1% (with an amazing 28% increase in uptake from students eligible for free school meals). After asking staff and students what they thought, their focus has been on revamping the menu, with the help of the students. They also held a competition to re-name the canteen and worked with the art teachers to make the canteen more attractive with great displays.

‘The head cook came back from the summer with new ideas, we researched what the students wanted to eat and now have a salad bar, more traditional food and introduced a meal deal.’

Dare to ask the pupils what they think about their school lunch!

Kathy Dare, School Food Champion at Welland Park Academy, has helped her school increase their school lunch uptake by 10.7%. Their most successful part is the student group, putting forward ideas and using their Year 9 lesson time to create a range of dishes suitable for school lunch, and presenting their ideas, so that they regularly have Student Week menus.

‘The interest from students has been great – they are really excited about getting involved. The school chef said how much he welcomes the support and discussion that is taking place as he has wanted to develop things for a while.’

Inviting parents to eat with us

Sheila Arnott, School Food Champion for The New Broadwalk PRU and The Clifton Centre PRU has increased their school lunch uptake to 100% of students. This incredible achievement stems from a well thought out action plan, including setting up a new dining hall, getting the students to look at and design the dining choices, and working with the chef to try them out for real.

‘We invited all parents in to explore the lunch options and eat with staff and students. All parents were very positive, it was a lovely atmosphere, great feedback.’


Whole School Food – lessons and lunch are all about healthy choices

Nicky Nunns, School Food Champion for Simon Langton School has increased their school lunch uptake by 7.8%. The school has worked on its scheme of work for food lessons. As well as getting a chance to cook some delicious new healthy recipes, all the recipes have nutritional analysis and are accessible on the school website for parents and students. It’s a bit like having a food label for the recipes they cook at school so everyone knows what nutrients in in the food! The Year 7s are now busy developing new salad recipes for the school canteen salad bar.

‘Having done some initial surveys with senior leaders and students, I’m planning on using the 6th form house captains and charity representatives as part of the student voice.’


Design a New School Lunch house competition

Jenny Ruth, School Food Champion for Brentwood County High School has already supported her school to increase their school lunch uptake by 9.7%. They have launched the programme in their parent newsletter and after their initial surveys of what the whole school thinks of its lunch, they are now creating an inter-house competition to design a new school lunch that meets the new school food standards.



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